Mama June’s Cookbook

True to form in a society that’s obsessed with rewarding the talentless and stupid (yes, it’s the Kardashians that I speak of) Mama June, the mother from the “Hit” show “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” has indeed inked a deal to write not one, but two – yes, count them, TWO – books.  One is a life story (knowing my obsession with Sociology, this might not be a terrible read, as long as there was a good ghost writer), the second is a cook book.  A.  Cook.  Book.

I have watched a full 28.345 minutes of this show.  Which was enough to see that Mama June always wears socks because of a accident with a forklift, and to see Mama June make ‘sketti.  A disgusting concoction of bottled ketchup, butter, and spaghetti (I could be missing a few ingredients, but this was the gist of the recipe).  While my friends are doing cleansing diets (because they ate too much gluten free cake over the weekend), running marathons, and swapping out ways to go organic/gluten free/BPA free/chemical free/sugar free/shoot-myself-in-the-face-miserable-diets/green/live forever Mama June gets to write a cook book because….???

And do not get me wrong, I appreciate the things that Mama June does – she basically told the Girl Scouts to go fuck themselves when they told her to take down the order information for cookies on (one of) Honey Boo Boo’s Facebook page(s).  Which I’m kind of down with.  But that doesn’t make her worthy of a cook book for god sakes.  Butter.  Bottled Ketchup.  Does not, a good recipe, make.

Charlie mom pic

Jacki is a married mother of one son, “Chumley” (Tennessee Tuxedo, not the realty show), one schnoodle, one cat, two African Spur Thigh Tortoises.  She and her husband run a small BBQ restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona…

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